Apr 21, 2021 Entertainment

Arts and Entertainment – Getting Your Man to Enjoy Theater

If you ask a person what springs to mind when they consider Broadway theatre, they are very likely to say is goes together with pictures and its Theater District. However, many important cities and metro areas have elaborate play houses that host the hottest Broadway plays. It was that to see quality artwork you needed to be, but no longer. Opera, ballet, musicals, productions and the functions are observed throughout the country, making it more accessible to fans of Broadway and their husbands.


Yes, that is right, their husbands. To be certain, not all men or couples are fanatically against attending Broadway plays, actually all of us enjoy it equally. It does look, however, that obstinate men, and especially husbands, protest the most when it comes to accompanying their wives into a musical of any type. At least, this is the stereotype or stigma that goes along with a ‘macho’ man. So, women, how do you convince, bribe, promote or haul your guy to a play and assist him really enjoy himself? Here are a few hints:

  1. Find Some Action: Pick a drama or action infused play or production. Les Miserables is an excellent play with a few war scenes, fighting, explosions and the functions. With this kind of intense action, he might not mind the musical aspect and in actuality, he can find it adds to the experience. Ask him to consider it as the soundtrack to his favorite war movie.
  1. Surprise Him: Make all the arrangements and include arts, food and entertainment and surprise him for the day.
  1. Make A Deal: Offer to do something that he likes or give him some room to enjoy what he loves in return for carrying you out so he sees that is a give-and-take deal.
  1. Make It An Event: When he enjoys going to dinner and dancing, then get dressed up and have dinner, watch the Broadway play and go dance. Combining the day with things you enjoy will draw out the pleasure for the two of you.
  1. The More the Merrier: Invite your couple friends to join you. Your guy will be more comfortable around a group of men he knows and your gal friends will be eager to get out also.
  1. Give A Little: The best relationships are those with two-way roads – meaning, if you are asking him to provide the arts a try, make an honest attempt to enjoy things he can. Maybe this means you don a soccer jersey and watch a game on Sunday, but who knows, you might get into the spirit of this game and enjoy yourself. Showing him that you are meeting him at the middle will cause him to want to do the same for you.